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Who is Clay Collins?

a few words about me

Note: This is the boring, clean, respectable version of my bio. If you want the real dirt on me then click here to read this.

Clay Collins is one of the top internet marketers in the world.
Now in his 30s, Clay left home at age 15 to start his first software company and (excluding his college years) has been a hard-core entrepreneur ever since.

He’s has been behind the scenes (advising and writing copy) for some of the most important and highest grossing information marketing campaigns on the internet.

Clay has worked with clients ranging from large corporations such as Fox Television Studios to startups such as Brazen Careerist.

In addition, Clay has presented on some of the largest internet marketing conferences and stages in the world.  And Clay was recently featured in the documentary “Add To Cart” which follows the history of internet marketing pioneers such as Christian Lander (Stuff White People Like), Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library TV), Andy Jenkins (Kajabi), Tucker Max, and Frank Kern.

All of Clay’s businesses have operated without investment capital and with a small lean staff.  Clay grew up on a citrus farm in rural southern California and now lives in Minnesota where he spends much of his time hiking, backpacking, trying to suck less at bouldering, and spending time with friends and family.

Note: This is the boring, clean, respectable version of my bio. If you want the real dirt on me then click here to read this.

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  • Praise for Clay Collins

    Shawn-Michael-Fisher I'm one of Clay's initial pre-sell Project Mojave buyers! Absolutely worked on me. And I recently engineered my own pre-sell launch, selling a $50K physical product... and brought in $110K in profits from it in under one week — two months before the systems could even be shipped. And what's more, that windfall from the launch brought in the funds I was able to allocate to executing the actual work involved in rolling out the bonuses I used to create scarcity during the launch. If I had waited to have everything lined up and perfect and ready to ship before selling, I'd still be working on it six months from now, and probably would have ditched it for whatever other idea caught my fancy in the meantime. By pre-selling, I made a ton of money fast, and that locked me in on the fulfillment and is holding my ass to the fire to get it done. It's a great model.
    Shawn Michael Fisher
    Jared Krause 100 I’ve been using what I’ve learned from Clay to ride the 4-hour (more like 12) work week dream. I’m in Berlin now (have been for just under 3 weeks), heading to Thailand next for about a month, then India, then..... :). Not only that, but a small local non-profit came to me just around the time I was finishing Clay’s training and asked me to help them. It was Thursday afternoon and they needed to raise $70,000 by MONDAY to keep their doors open. They had a 2,650 person email list that was basically dormant and no clue how to get across the finish line. Using what I learned from Clay, we executed a slightly modified, sped up launch and in just under 5 days raised $70,000. We converted nearly 10% of their email list into donors with average donation size of $265. And this was my first launch ever. Wow. Watch the videos. Follow the steps. And CRUSH IT.
    Jared Krause
    AndyDrish-100-2 I’ve tried a lot of things over the past five months… and nothing seemed to stick. Until I found this really sweet [idea] from Clay’s course. The last six weeks I’ve been busting my ass… But now that it’s launched, I can tell you that it was worth every minute. We launched Thursday night...and now we have a membership site that is bringing in roughly $5,000 of revenue every month. Assuming that attrition rates aren’t too bad, we’ll have built a business that creates $50K/year in six weeks. Which is really amazing when I stop and think about it. And I never would have found this niche if it wasn’t for Clay Collins. Clay is brilliant…and if you’re at all interested in internet marketing...you absolutely HAVE to join this community.
    Andy Drish
    Serial Entrepreneur
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